DERREK enterprise culture,
Not only is the driving force employees to contribute their talents,
Is unbeaten in the competition for corporate support.
In the continuous development of our business,
Achievements of the Company to a group of people,
Achievements of a group of people in this business,
Delight Electric entrepreneurs created a brilliant business,
Also established the foundation and culture of enterprise.
Our culture is not always the best,
Certainly not too far.
Our corporate culture is not the planning and design from the outside,
Years of development in the enterprise gradually formed,
But our corporate culture are not static,
We must continue to face challenges to our culture update.
Ambitious, so we can face ourselves, frankly face defeat,
Constantly engaged in self-denial and beyond.
We are ambitious, we also real.
We have a firm belief,
While developing practical and effective strategies.
Only win in the future market of consumers,
We can really have confidence,
We believe
Excellent corporate culture will promote the cause in our hands,
From generation to generation!


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